Saturday, October 8, 2011

3 stripe mani and get your bunz to the DollarRama Canadians.....

Yesterday's Mani, I started with Old School Nail Fetish artificial nails that I picked up at the dollar store, then used LA Colors stripe polish in Metallic Pink for the middle stripes, then filled in the tips of my nails with;

1 coat of Wet n Wild Hanna Pinktanna
1 coat of Icing no-name magenta micro-glitter
1 coat of Sinful Colors I Love You.

I have already tried out LA Colors Metallic Pink over a lighter base polish, and I wanted to see what it looks like over a darker colour..... It is surprisingly opaque.

 I went over this twice with the stripe polish, I did this free-hand and eye-balled it for uniformity.

I found these at the Dollar Rama..... I didn't realize they had french tip guides in them until I got home..... There is chevron french tips as well as the curved regular french tips. I was surprised to see these at the Dollar Rama because they are $11 to $13 bucks for these sets in stores, and the single Kiss nail art stripe polish's are 5 bucks at Walmart. Kiss, I find, is the most pricey nail accessory company - but they have MANY  awesome nail art products and artificial nail products.

 ... and I found these at Winners for $4.99 - normally the nail polish section is picked over, or they only have O.P.I. polish's so I was happy to spot this.

so; here is what I started with............ These are a deep vampy red.

.... and this is what I used; LA Colors Metallic Pink Stripe polish, Wet n Wild Hanna PinkTanna, Icing no-name magenta micro-glitter, and Sinful Colors I Love You

This is 2 'coats' of the stripe polish

Icing no-name polish


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