Saturday, September 10, 2011

the floor is Lava!!!! - Klean Color Bite me and Ardene Crackle

 of course I waited to find black crackle nail polish for as low priced as I could........I'm not paying 9 bucks for half a polish job lol.....

 this is gonna be a quickie post & run =  I started with a base of 2 coats of Klean Color Bite me and added 1 coat of Ardene Crackle in black. It dried matte which looked really cool -  I added 2 coats of TC to this. I found this crackle polish at Ardene Stores ( Canada ) for 3 bucks.

My pinky nails I added a coat of clear and the the crackle immediatly after and I got random shaped crackles while the rest of my nails have long random crackels.

WARNING - holy craaaaaap! I tried to remove this tag on the crackle polish and black polish flicked EVERYWHERE all over my nail polish area and my hands/face!!!!!! be careful removing this ( or it might just be that I am a major clutz! )

2 coats of Klean Color Bite me no TC

This polish stained my nails badly. Both my real nails and the artificial nails in the photo. It dried shiny and quickly for me.

 indoor flourescent



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