Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fly away, cream pink unicorn!

The last few multi polish nail looks I have done, have names that somehow..... go together? Like the combination of words are silly and funny to me. Anyhoo - this is a neat look for crackle polish. I have seen this on several blogs and it my favorite crackle 'look'. I sponged on Sinful Colors Cream Pink, Unicorn and Fly Away. I applied a thin coat of clear polish then quickly applied the Ardene Crackle polish then I added another coat of clear. No TC in these photos.

stuff i used - Sinful Colors Cream Pink, Fly Away, Unicorn Ardene Black Crackle

 I applied the crackle nail polish differently on my ring nail

 Sinful Colors Unicorn. Does anyone else think of a white/silver sparkly polish when they think of the polish name Unicorn? That's what I envision for a polish named Unicorn. If I ever make a white/silver franken polish I will definitely name it Unicron - no - not UNICORN = it will be UNICRON; Cron, C.R.O.N!!!!!!!!1

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