Monday, April 25, 2011

new blogs & Sinful Colors Aruba Rhythm

Sinful Colors Aruba Rhythm, 2 coats layered over 2 coats of Sally Hansen Grey Area - no top coat

This polish has a strong flash, from Grey/lilac to green/gold = there are  few Sinful Color polish's with this property. I know these are on sale in the USA at Wall-greens or CVS this week for $.99 cents, but apparently some of The Bargain Stores in Canada have a tray or two of Sinful Color Polish's.  I will do a better swatch of this comparing it to Sally Hansen Emerald Amethyst & put a request on MUA for duo-chrome's or polish's with strong Flash from Sinful Colors.

The only down-side to some of the polish's available from sinful colors is that some are sheer. I prefer to layer everything so it is not a problem for me. The brush was a little stiff on this one - but top coat would fix that up.

Any notable Sinful Colors with properties like this, duo-chromey, or ones with strong flash - let me know. Personally I would purchase them all - for .99 cents to $1.50 each they are worth it!

..... and new blogs! (Late again lol)

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and a few more photos to catch that green to lilac change. no outdoor shots as I was still in my jammies for these photos.

this is what I layered Aruba Rhythm over

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