Monday, March 7, 2011

blogroll up-dates

 ♥ marbles ♥

whew - so here is what  I have added to my blog roll...... these are all links, hopefully they will all show up with a current post/photo.  I have found many of these through Nihrida's Blog HERE.

I miss Brook's N.B.O.T.B. Mondays, I always looked forward to seeing what types of new nail art and foreign polish's were out there on the interwebz - I think i will make a Sunday noght post like this a regular thing for those nail bloggers out there 

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and polish's I love that I can spend 3 hours reading nail blogs on any given day. 

Many of these blogs have been around for a while but new to me, some are new -

wow- that took a looooooooong time.....

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