Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wet n' Wild Caribbean Frost

 Wet n Wild Caribbean Frost, 3 coats with a coat of Nailene Top Coat

I have had this polish for a long time and never worn it alone to photograph, and it deserves some recognition. these photos were taken a few weeks ago and I did not post them for whatever reason........I think for most people this will be a 4 thin coats polish. It is a beautiful shimmery teal that is very in-expensive and easy to find.

I whipped up a pretty pastel franken polish using just white and Wet n Wild Caribbean Frost ~ I have worn it many times since I created it. I think every franken polish I have made, using Wet n Wild Wild Shine polish's have turned out perfect♥

and a bit of crummy news, I did quite a number on my model hand, I had to visit the ER for treatment. I'll spare everyone the details.

Friggen ouch!

I know I have written about my cuticle care and stuff before, but i want to add that applying any lotion, and letting it sink before removing polish has helped my cuticles alot. I think I was pretty lucky in having healthy cuticles in the first place - but applying lotion and letting it sink in before I use polish remover and then applying lotion with a small brush around my cuticles -before- polishing, so that any polish mistakes can sometimes be peeled off ( and making an acetone clean-up alot easier and gentler), have made them very healthy looking and soft.

Take care of your hands! I hope I am back in shape by next week.

Below is a franken I made with Wet n' Wild Caribbean Frost and a white creme, I have worn this franken quite a lot, and have worn it on my toes at least 6 times since I created it.

.... and one more time

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