Sunday, February 20, 2011

HappyBerry Naids dots, Cheetah/Zebra and a pink Sponge mani

yes, the metallic pink stripe killed this mani,,,,,, but I am getting much better at making zebra stripes and cheetah spots.

I wanted to have a copper and baby pink mani, but my Stripe Rite striping polish in Copper was left open the last time I used it so it was all thick and goopy. before I realized it wouldn't be usable I had already applied it to 3 nails. I covered it up with the Hot Pink Art Deco Stripe polish, then covered that up with a metallic pink.

products used - Claire's Mini in Fiji, Wet n' Wild Crystallic in Golden Pink, Art Deco Hot Pink Nailene Top Coat

This is 3 coats of Claire's Fiji..... I knew there was a reason this was in my franken pile! it needs 3 to 5 coats to get totally opaque. It is a creme and I have at least 10 light pink creme's that are good to go in 3 coats or less.  I added another coat of Claire's Fiji after I took this photo, as well as a coat of Nailene TC.

I drew a diagonal line across my nail and added cheetah spots to the lower half, I outlined the cheetah spots with Art Deco stripe polish in Hot Pink, and made the zebra stripes with the Art Deco stripe polish as well.

I used Wet n Wild Crystallic in Golden pink for the cheetah spots.

... then outlined the spots with Art Deco strip polish and added the zebra stripes.

....and another sponge mani, a very subtle girlish sponge mani

For this mani, I started with a base of Billie Bubble Gum....... mmmmmmmm = yum, it really does smell like bubble gum! I used one of those 'sexy car wash' sponges, and sponged the three SH XW polish's randomly over my nail. I added 2 coats of a franken polish I made with some older silver shimmery polish's added to clear.

Sally Hansen Hot Magenta is a bright shimmery polish, the brightness of it and the colour mess around with my camera every time I try to photograph it.

L-R Billie Bubble Gum, SH Hot Magenta, Strawberry Icing, Cotton Candy, shimmer Franken

3 coats of Billie Bubble Gum - it is frosty but it smells good!

indoor fluorescent lighting

A Copy of HappyBerryNaiads dots mani!

I think her's is much prettier than mine, she used all creme polish's and mine are shimmer polish's. I will try it in the same colour scheme as she did sometime in the future. Check out her V-day mani HERE

The polish's I used for this mani are old skool Sinful Colors in Sharron's Heart as a base, then dotted on Fiji, Fuchsia Purple and Greenwich Girl. I applied 2 coats of the pink; Sharron's Heart, and then started dotting with a dotting tool using the three other colours. I went over any sparse area's with the pink polish again to ensure that it looked like my nails were all dots.

I added a coat of clear, but before I could add a final coat of TC and take proper photo's I marred this mani, by dragging MY WET NAIL POLISH ACROSS MY MICROWAVE , really why? Why and how. I know that when it is time to seriously do my nails I must make time to sit still, and not do anything.......

I think this turned out okay, it is fool proff and easy to do which is exactly the type of nail art I like.

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