Sunday, January 23, 2011

Excellence in Layering, Pure Ice Oh Baby layered over Wet n' Wild Disturbia

This is sooooooooo pretty, Pure Ice Oh baby is a lovely, lovely polish. This is 3 thin coats layered over Wet n Wild Disturbia. No TC. I love these flecked duo-chrome polish's from Pure Ice- there are several sparsely flecked Duo-Chromes such a s Rio, Oh Baby and another jelly-ish blue one  (Heart-Breaker, maybe).

And of course |I cant talk about department store fleck-ey duo-chromes without mentioning N.Y.C. Love Letters, if you don't have that YOU NEED IT ASAP!

below; NYC Love Letters

Here is a few more pic's, this is really really pretty and I think I may add another coat of the Pure Ice Oh baby.


Indoor Fluorescent

2 coats of Wet n' Wild Disturbia

w/ Pure Ice Oh Baby

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