Monday, October 25, 2010

FrankenBerry Frankenstein and some purple comparisons

 This, by far, is my favirote Halloween nail art this year, I have already done this look with a green base HERE, but I had to do it with this beautiful fluorescent purple as the base. I tried to create girl-ish lips; for a lady Frankenstein' but it did not work out.

 With a dotting tool, this is super duper easy to do. HERE is the link to the video where I first found this. I did not apply TC in my photos, I find that I am getting too much reflection and it distorts the nail art, making it hard to take photos.

For this look I used Billie Electric Purple; 3 coats, and Wet n' Wild Black, and Billie French White..... along with my trusty dotting tool I found in the Scrapbook section of my fav dollar store in my town.

Billie Electric Purple 3 coats

My middle nail, Billie Purple haze is a straight up florescent purple, while  Purple Rain, and Electric Purple have slight shimmer to them and are much more opaque.

Purple Rain on the left has a golden shimmer, while Electric Purple on the right has a silver-ish shimmer. These were all 3 coats and dried super-duper fast.

 Golden shimmer

Purple Haze - no shimmer

 L-R - Purple Rain, Purple Haze, Electric Purple

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