Tuesday, September 7, 2010

♥ E.L.F. Cranberry ♥

E.L.F.  Cranberry, 3 coats with 1 coat of Nailene TC. 

I hope someone out there does a better more colour accurate swatch then me in the future.....
This polish can easily drink up 2 to 3 coats of TC before it is super shiny.... I have a few polish like this that are jelly bases with glitter. This is part of the Trio of polish's I found in a local store in my town. I will have to put it to the test against a few other red jelly polish's with fine glitter I have .

Sadly there is no sunshine here today, so a just have a few photos with poor lighting...... If you don't already have one of the many easily available red jelly-ish polish with glitter that are available then I think this would be a good choice at $1.00 ( as all ELF polish's are $1.00 )

I normally layer jelly-ish polish's like this over a similar coloured opaque polish base = that way any sheer areas are not as noticeable. The lovely glitter and sheer base still show up, just with less coats to apply. I could have given this a few more coats to cover up any areas I missed with this polish, but I am lazy today♥.

Overall I thought this polish had a good formula, smelled nice and applied easily despite THE SQUARE FRIGGEN HANDLE.... and it dried really fast, even at 3 coats applied very close together. It did need a little more top coat then most polish's I own, but like I mentioned above; I always find these formulas to need alot of T.C.


Indoor Fluorescent


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