Wednesday, June 16, 2010

♥ S.H Chrome Haulage ♥

YIPEE - both dollar stores in my town got shipments of older old skool polish's - right now my computer is all wonky, but I have a few more photos to show. What a lucky lucky girl I am. I am delighted that at the Buck or Two store in my town I found a Sally Hansen Chrome called 'Black Pearl' in a SQUARE BOTTLE!!!!! Teh photos of boxes are from 'Looney Twoons' dollar store =  I actually restrained myself, but at the end of the weekend if there are any left I am totally going to buy all the ones I do not have. Some of the Sally Hansen Chrome polish's are similar, but just slightly different enough that I want one of each ♥♥♥.

I never got into the whole collecting of things, like those beanie babies, or trading cards or anything like that, but my goodness; do I ever get excited when I find these older polish's...... The lady that owns the store invited me to check out these boxes before she put them on the shelf. She is so sweet and all the ladies that work at the store are really sweet too! The other dollar store in my town got a shipment of older polish's as well. Both stores have this brand 'CR Nail Polish' that is the exact same polish as my mystery name Toronto polish, just a different bottle. The colours are the same and the labels are the same too. 

I am a lucky girl that I have found all these. Well I got alot of paint'in to do;

Like Christmas Morning

These are the exact same polish as my No Name Toronto Polish's = just different bottles
Yippee found at Looney Twoons Dollar Store

Here is a quick swatch I did on my super awesome home made nail boards; I am missing some,though

S.H. Chome - Sapphire
S.H. Chrome - Blue Spark
Naturistic's Super Chrome - Blue Spark
S.H. Chrome - No Name
S.H. Chrome - Gilded Pearl Chrome
S.H. Chrome - Amber Chrome
S.H. Chrome - Fiery Pink Diamond
S.H. Chrome - MooneStone
S.H. Chrome - Sanskrit Ruby
Naturistic's Super Chrome - Deep Violet
Naturistic's Super Chrome -  Techno
S.H. Chrome - Diamond

Below same order as above- Shade/Sun/Flo

more photos to come when I fix my compter 

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