Friday, June 18, 2010

♥ Sally Hansen Gilded Pearl Crome ♥

Sally Hansnen Gilded Pearl Chrome 2 coats no TC
Middle nail is Sally Hansen Amber Chrome 2 coats with Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat

I hoped to do some layering of the polish Sally Hansen Gilded pearl Chrome with some other oldies I had recently picked up = but the polish I want to use needs sunlight to show off it's beauty and today is nothing but gloomy rainy skies. All my photos are indoors under fluorescent lighting.

This was 2 easy to apply coats that dried fast and perfectly. No T.C. except on my middle nail which is my mani from yesterday - Sally Hansen Amber Chrome. I have been and will be sewing alllllllllll weekend, hence the tip wear on my middle nail.

These polish's were $1.29 CAD at a fabulous dollar store in my town.  We did not have a London Drugs in my Provence until 2004 and seeing the older price tags on some of these is fascinating. One of then is listed at $5.99 CAD, which was pretty pricey IMO for a polish in the late 90's.

Thanks everyone for the emails and comments on these. Its actually fun to do research and learn a little about something I am interested in.

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