Friday, April 16, 2010

♥ JOE Fresh - 'Gunmetal' ♥

Joe 'Gunmetal' - 1 coat over Joe 'Espresso' ( except Middle which is just 2 coats)  = No T.C.

I had hoped this would be a sheer polish, but I actually got it opaque in 2 coats...... The formula is pretty good and even though I hate these stumpy knobbly brush handles I think I did okay with the application.  I applied this over my previous mani, Joe 'Espresso', becuase I though it would be sheer, but is opaque on it's own. The next time I wear this polish 'Gunmetal' I will not layer.

I cannot call this a 'glass-fleck'. I would say it is very much like N.Y.C. 'Molten Metal'... whatever that finish is called ( can I call it a shiny suede.... any ideas...... anyone? )

My previous Mani - JOE 'Espresso' dried in a descent amount of time and has held up even after all the abuse of making some new nail swatching things. You can see in the before photos all the scratches and such, but it managed to stay shiny and vibrant even after some extreme activities.

I did not post photo's of it but with a matte-i-fy-ing top coat this polish has the suede look of the O.P.I.'s and other suede finish polish's that came out in fall & and around X-mas time. I read that the Canadian chain store where these polish can be found are having a Tax Free weekend, I am glad I did not wait =  because these were the last of thier kind, and knowing my grocery store- they will not likely get anymore.

Any-hoo - here is some more pic's I am having a fun weekend at home, and I will be painting my nails and making alot more of the swatch board thingy's pictured below.

Have a great weekend!

Middle - 1 coat of 'Gunmetal' - The rest of my nails are 2 coats of 'Joe Espresso'

@ 1 coat no Top Coat


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