Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fanny Z Gold Zebra

I am calling this Fanny Z # 83 polish 'Whoa' because it is a beautiful shimmery blue that made me say 'whoa'! This is 2 coats, and some gold zebra stripes with a franken stripe polish I made ( it's really just Claire's 24 Karat in a stripe bottle ) I chose not to use the obvious silver colour of stripe polish and instead went for a metallic gold. I think this turned out lovely. I am still working on the thickness of my stripes.......

I don't own anything to compare this polish color and finish to: has anyone else spotted these Fanny Z dollar store nail polish's?

  1 coat & 2 coats

P.C. chipotle dipping sauce changed my life...........!!!!.


...... more glamour shots


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