Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Grass

 Hoppy Easter Everyone. Today I wanted to have grass on my nails...... I used Icing Bamboozled - an extremely photogenic "spritely lite green matte creme which dried as I was applying it" (that's a quote from me lol ) I used a dark green Icing stripe polish for the grass, then added a coat of TC and thought I was done. I whipped up a pizza and painted some around the house projects = then decided this mani needed just a touch of glitter, so I swiped on Wet n Wild Hallucinate over the grassy area.

Here is a little something I found using the google machine about Easter Grass 

Easter Grass;

The idea came from the Dutch Tradition of celebrating the Easter Hare. Dutch Children would create a bird's nest for the hare to leave eggs. The Pennsylvania Dutch brought this tradition with them when they came to America.

When I think of Easter decorations or Easter Traditions, I think of Eggs ( obviously ) but also that multicoloured cellophane Easter grass. Cats looooove that stuff, so please be aware of that!

2 coats of Icing Bamboozled, Icing green stripe polish & Nailene Top Coat

with Wet n Wild Hallucinate swiped over the grassy area

w/ my nubbon-ized thumb nail


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