Sunday, July 3, 2011

Canada Day Nails and some neat, new goodies, awesome Klean Colour nail art duos

I started with a base of silver chrome polish from Sally Hansen, then applied straight french tip guides and added 2 coats of a pretty shimmery red from Icing. I removed the straight french guides and added the silver glitter to the silver area. I added a coat of clear = I planned to add some more embellishment to these nails as they seem kinda plain; but i ended up leaving them as is.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Canada Day!

If you are a nail blogger and I do not have your nail blog on my blog roll - please feel free to link it in the comments. I still cannot follow you for whatever reason - but not to worry i am working on fixing that.

For the month of JULY I hope to avoid using acetone as much as possible. Sorry for the sloppy paint job but I plan on being cuticle friendly this month. Applying a small amount of moisturizer around my cuticles usually prevents polish mistakes for sticking and I find in these summer months with the air conditioner and washing my hands so much my cuticles can look damaged. So I plan on avoiding using acetone as much as possible.

So i am proposing JULY as cuticle awareness and care month.

here is a few things I have purchased recently. I am still focused on not acquiring so much stuff and I have done well over the last 2 months - pretty proud of myself.

This is the other set that was available from The Bargain Shop that I did not purchase when I saw it and regretted. I found this at Winners for $6.99. The pink, purple and teal are the same as the other set. The yellow and orange are decent but I may add a few drops of white to them. I plan on frankening the other 3 = just slightly so they are just a tad different possibly darker or lighter.

These are coooool! on the right is a base polish with a normal brush, and on the left is a fine tipped nail art brush, I found these at my favorite dollar store in town for $1.99, there were 6 different sets - and if there is any left the next time I pop in that store I will likely grab a few more. They are from the brand Klean Kolor.

I haven't seen these in the nail blog world..... anyone else spotted these?

l-r; klean kolour duos, and the 5 nail art polish's from Winners (TJ Maxx)

stuff I used for my boring Canada Day Manicure

started with a base of silver

used straight french tip guides and painted lower half of nails red

added glitter and clear polish, then TC - pardon moi polish mistakes

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