Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Jewel Frost ~ an Inspriation Mani

For this look I used 2 coats of a shimmery mauve color from Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, Jewel Frost, and sponged on an almost black eggplant creme, also from Sally Hansen Hard as nails. I needed 2 coats of Claire's Matte Top Coat to smooth it out, then found the slowest drying shiny clear polish  I own =  ColorRama Top Coat and used a dotting tool to make multi-sized dots diagonally across my nail.

 I tried the matte/shiny dots a few months and didn't like it, but this is really cool. I think having a dark matte base, and then adding shiny dots is the way to go.  I will try this again with a solid dark base and shiny dots sometime in the future. Using a dotting tool made this really simple. I also tried using the head of dressmaking pin as I had recently seen a video tutorial on YouTube using this method for dots and that worked out perfect!

I tried for a solid 45 minutes to copy this below - This was first brought to my attention on MUA  a few days ago and has haunted my thoughts since. If anyone knows how to do this please, please post a tutorial! I might just be too clumsy and slow to pull it off, but I think this is magnificent!

shameless photo stealing below by me - dang this is beautiful

She wrote that she did it with a pin, and I tried and tried to copy this with every implement I could round up - but my swirls look thick, wonky and not even close to as pretty as this. So I had to give up on this look and instead went with a sure thing =  a sponge mani.

so here is what I settled on for the evening....

Sally Hansen Jewel Frost, Radish, Claire's Matte Top Coat and ColorRama Top Coat

with 2 coats of Claire's Matte Top Coat

2 coats of Sally Hansen Hard a s Nails Jewel Frost ~ No TC

............ and a few experiments, I think I need a very slow drying polish to achieve the look I posted, but I really do not have anything that dries slow enough, all the polish's I keep/own dry far too quickly that there isn't enough time to do something like the photo I posted of NailsyMo's work.

I used a piece of glass from an old photo frame to figure out how to make those thin wispy swirls

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