Saturday, April 23, 2011

Froggy Mani for earth day

This was 2 coats of an older franken I made 'Curtains', I sponged on another franken 'Mud Bath; When it was dry i used a mate top coat. Using a dotting tool, I added dots of varying size over the sponged area.

I do not own a slow drying clear polish, even plain dollar store clear polish dried to fast for me to try the matte/shiny looks  I want to do. For this look I used the Color Rama clear polish, and that dried a little to fast for me. But I did not have any clear 'polish strings' ; 

This is supposed to be my my earth day nails, I thought I would try to do a homage to the small animals of the world that sometimes get displaced from urban sprawl - (how eco-conscious of me ♥)

Below, frankens with matte Top Coat

my franken 'Curtains'

..... and this is the franken polish 'Mud Bath' I sponged down the center of my nails (I tried to keep it in the center)

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