Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Icing Dark & Stormy, Bamboozled Again and a franken

Icing Dark & Stormy 2 coats w/ TC - ring nail Is Joe fresh Peacock (2 coats w/ TC)

wow this is beautiful! Why did I wait so long to wear this? This is a vibrant, shimmery peacock blue. I am wearing 2 coats but I had some bare spots due to a shoddy paint job, so next time it'll be 3 thin coats with TC.

I have Joe Fresh Peacock - which is supposed to be Similar to ChG Rodeo Fanatic, and I read somewhere that Icing Dark & Stormy is pretty close to ChG Rodeo Fanatic, =  this is a lemming fulfilled for me. Although I am very happy with the colours I HATE those Joe Fresh bottles and those brush handles ---ugh!  They have a tonne of beautiful polish colours that were just released but I cannot stand those brush handles !  ( Joe Fresh is a Canadian Brand available at Loblaws Stores in Canada )

EDIT: I don't hate them... I take that back, I suck at using those large knobby handles, those polish's have a great formula, most of them are opaque and apply very well, My rage comes from my inability to operate a nail polish brush. The new colours are all sooooo pretty, too!

I could not find any comparison photos to back that up - so if anyone has any photos of China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic and Icing Dark and Stormy side be side let me know♥.

My ring nail is 2 coats of Joe Fresh Peacock - the color is a tad darker than Icing Dark and Stormy. Peacock has some major purple flash to it, while Icing Dark & Stormy is a striking peacock blue with no flash just hypnotic shimmer.  The shimmer in Dark & Stormy reminds me of paint jobs on cars..... that really deep shimmer..... multi layers of shimmer.... shimmer...... shiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmeeeeerrrr

I finally caught the sun for some outdoor photos. I *need* to take sunshine pic's of beautiful polish such as this, with intense shimmer.

whoops! This is upside down... sorry!

Indoor Flo

R - L Dark & Stormy, Peacock

L - R Peacock, Dark & Stormy

Icing Bamboozled Again is a bright matte light green. This needs 3 coats but I only did 2 here with no TC. I have worn this polish on 2 other occasions but never took proper photos of it. (.....However I did find a swatch photo from a few months ago..... but I cannot find it on my blog, hmmmm)

I tried to copy Chloe's shredded funky french mani nails but mine did not turn out so well..... Here is a How To from her awesome blog

 I used a small piece of green painters tape and cut out a jagged edge

@ 1 coat of Wet n Wild Black Creme - best black polish EVER!!!!

I thought it would take forever to cut these out but it did not take long at all!

I used clear polish over the back jagged edge -  I used a thin coat of Clear polish and I totally fudged this mani up becuase I didn't wait for the black to fully dry. After that happened I didn't even bother with proper Top Coat, I was planning on doing crafty things soon after, and I knew my mani would be trashed anyhow, so I left it as is.

Next time I will make my jagged edge a bit more thicker, as the individual peaks and valleys are too thin.

Finally here is a franken I made with a sparkly sheer Icing mini polish. I don't feel as if I improved it much, but I do like that the base colour is not so light and silver-ish. The black sorta smothers the bright silver shimmer.  It was sunny outside when I painted my nails - I intentionally picked this polish to wear becuase I wanted to take photos with some sunshine = but the sky clouded over before I could get out.... DANG!

I used Starry Eyes from the Icing mini set and added a black creme and some clear polish.  This is 2 coats layered over black. The silver micro shimmer is less prominent and the teal and blue flecks appear more visible. So I didn't improve it alot, but I do like it alot better this way.....

I used a matte Top Coat on my Ring nail

Matte on the Right

Here is a skittles of all the original colours layered over black;

and the set of mini polish's from Icing stores

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