Monday, October 11, 2010

Sinful Colors 'Maghony' with StripRite copper nail stripers


Here is one of the Sinful Colors I picked up recently - 3 thin coats of  Maghony with some really cool and easy-to-do nail art using Stripe-Rite Striping polish's. I dont know why I am so intimidated by free-hand nail art. This was really easy and is an easy way to dress up a manicure. I found these nail art stripers at Sally Beauty Supply

I think this polish is supposed to be Ma-hog-any.... like the wood. It is a rich vampy red that dried very shiny. The brush bristles were stiff and square. Not sure why it is spelled the way it is; but who am I to chastise anyone's spelling ( mwah- ha-ha ). The nail stripers have no names, just numbers and I am not sure if these can be purchased on-line, the brush is much thinner then the LA Colors striping polish I have used recently. I think I might even pick up fine, thin stripe-ing brush to try some other colors ( or make one )......

before the addition of glitter and a clean-up

I think that is looks cool with-out the glitter too! Sorry I waited so long to mess around with striping polish.... It's so easy and fast= You do need a Top Coat for some polish's from this brand, though♥

 stuff I used; Nailene TC Old Skool Sinful Colors Maghony & 2 unnamed stripe easy striping polish's

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