Wednesday, October 13, 2010

♥ Sally Hansen White Dove layering ♥

 1 coat of White Dove layered over Black with 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top coat

I love opalescent polish's.  In low lighting and dim lighting, they are eye-catching and beautiful. I have seen bottles of beyond perfect at a few discount stores recently, but they were all pure white or other boring beige colors. I happened to get lucky ( sort of ) when I spotted these at my favorite store in town and picked up the three posted below.

 I know that when I was in the USA in summer, I spotted quite a few lovely  and STRONG opalescent polish's at Walmart, Love my nails 'Starling' (?) and one from Perfect 10.... I have put in a few special requests from other bloggers to see what these look like swatched.

One of my all time favorite looks is a sheer opalescent polish like this one, layered over black.

Also; this is the last of my natural, real nail photos..... I neeeed to put some beautiful artificial nails on ASAP! I am happy to report that I only cut myself twice, but today I had a somewhat painful finger injury under my nail. ..... and I don't want to push my luck! Thanks for all the kind words about my real nails♥


I picked up these 3 older Sally Hasen Beyond Perfect polish's at my favirote store in my town....  I was afew days late for these as they had restocked their older polish and I missed out of first pick. But wow- did I ever find some beauties!!!!


 Below - Sally Hansen Beyond Perfect Fresh Lavender, Cinnamon Incense and White Dove

 wooooooow - I love the opalescence of White dove in this photo.

Fresh Lavender has a subtle flash, and Cinnamon Incense has a subtle golden micro-shimmer

...... and a few more photos





A PSA from Deez Nailz;

I have seen some hauls recently with Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Diamond - You can layer 1 COAT of  this over ANY polish and the base color will show through while creating a brilliant and stunning HOLOGRAPIC polish!

Below; on the very left of my thumb nail is a coat of Sally Hansen Nail Prism's in Garnet Lapis, and on the right is 1 coat of White Dove. I always use Garnet Lapis Nail Prism polish to gauge the flash in other polish's. Garnet Lapis has the strongest flash and MULTI-chrome of all the polish I own.

I fell like i use Nail Prisms this polish Garnet Lapis alot, but I only need ONE thin coat layered over any darker polish to create this beautiful multi chrome effect. Thats why if you are in the USA, and you live near a Dollar tree you need to get your bunz there ASAP - becuase I read on MUA they have Older Sally Hansen polish's in stock!!!!!

The flash pink/aqua green flash is not as strong in White Dove as it is in Garnet Lapis. It base color leans way more green/teal. I do plan on frankening with this by adding some of the White Dove to Clear.... just for fun! I think it will be a very pretty sheer polish.

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