Saturday, August 14, 2010

♥ Rhinestone fun { I am not serious with this }♥

above - here is all the rhinestones from the Dollarama rhinestone wheels that I found last month.

Maybe I should say 'plastic' stones.... because these are not crystal=oops; so maybe 'embellishments'?

I tried out some of the rhinestones I bought at Dollarama  ( in Canada ) , I thought they would look huge on the nail but they actually look pretty decent. Of course, this is just a 'for fun' look. I was just messing around with different patterns and such.

Not too bad for a buck for each wheel. I also used some of the Nailene jewels, the tear drop shaped pink ones on my ring nail.

 I have applied this with just a coat of clear polish, then placed them on the nail using..... A PIECE OF DRY SPAGHETTI THAT I BROKE INTO SMALL PIECES. Serious. A piece of spaghetti, I licked it and then picked up the individul stones with it. So far this is the best way to apply stones and different nail art.

 I wish I knew that sooner becuase this whole mess took me like 5 minutes to do.

 These things actually stuck on perfectly just the clear nail polish anchoring them to my nail, but if I do a look soon with rhinestones I will be putting Top Coat over it, to make sure I don't loose any.

This was my mani from the other day 'Logical Asparagus' and I added some of the origional polish I used to make this franken; Sally Hansen HAN Radish using a curved french tip guide.

the clear embellishments

the small colour embellishments

I love the square and rectangle clear rhinestones and the Nailene Tear drop rhinetones

Sally Hansen Radish, the polish I mixed with white to get the base colour I am wearing.

I had other plans for this mani.... but decided to test out these rhinestones

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