Friday, June 11, 2010

This never would have happened if I was wearing my fake nails!!!!- WARNING = gore and naked nails

Here is a post dedicated to WHY I WEAR FALSE NAILS ALL THE TIME as well as the thin-ness of my nails and an injury I received during a small home renovation project when I was not wearing my false nails. While I was building a shelf beneath my kitchen sink, the drill bit slipped out of and the full force of my drill, came down on my nail,  and the drill bit pierced through my nail bed.

Sorry I don't have any fabulous manicure photos for you - But thank you everyone who makes time to post nail art, polish swatches and new polish Items♥♥♥♥

PLEASE KEEP READING FOR SOME SCIENTIFIC MEASUREMENT -  if you happen to find any PHOTOS on the web about the THICKNESS of human fingernails - please get in touch with me. I have been looking for some for awhile now. In this post I have  a few photos with calipers, and a few photos of comparable objects. But basically my nails are the thickness of 4 post it notes....

While I know this injury will heal and it is not the worst thing I have done to myself; it really really hurt. I cried for about 20 minutes while I was finishing up my shelf building project. I have been busy doing around the house projects lately, as well as some crafty things so I decided to NOT WEAR false nails for the week. I was surprised that this is the only damage I have done becuase usually when I get that glue gun out, or start building stuff I end up with at least 3 injuries.

Below is a photo I took after removing my polish on my middle nail the next day becuase THERE WAS NO FRIGGEN WAY I WAS PUTTING POLISH REMOVER NEAR THAT until it healed a little. It is healing fine now, but my nail is cracked straight through. And while the impact point looks bad, the pad of my fingertip actually hurts the most = three days later.

Many of these photos are my REAL nails. The polish I am wearing is a franken I made using Billie French White and Sally Hansen Flirt after 2 days of wear. I coated the underside of my false nails with Nailene Professional Pink Gel Glue for some strength, then applied 2 coats of my franken.

And so MY NAILS GROW thats not my problem. My problem is that they are extremely thin, and thats they way they are. I am finished with trying to correct this and have been an avid false nail wear-er for over mumble-mumble years.  NOTHING WILL ALTER MY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS. So while I am interested in different products and services to combat this - the volume of effort and time I have put into trying to increase the thickness of my nails has been entirely fruitless. = I QUIT. I am going to be a false nail user for life. I have had the gel nails done and all the other space age salon stuff - but this works for me. Its fast easy and FUN. My brand of choice is Nailene for these reasons

  1. Quality
  2. Their glue and adhesion products
  3. curvature of the false nail, both vertically and horizontally
  4. width -  the nails are wide enough for my thumbs and DO NOT TAPER
  5. Price. They are by far more inexpensive than other false nail products that are readily available in pharmacies and grocery stores.

Anyhoo- onto the gory photos. Thankfully I have not done any long term damage but this meas I will have to keep this nail uncovered until the injury grows out!

After removal of my middle nail polish the next day

After having a good cry and finishing my project the very first thing I did was take 2 extra strength Advil, then I took the photos. Also this was two days of  polish wear.....

The drill bit that peirced through and cracked my nail - thank god it was not pointy-er

Here are a few photos I took earlier in the week to show the thin-ness of my nails ( thats a lighter for CANDLES)

Hopefully the sheer-ness of my actual nail is noticeable in these photos.....

Comparing the thickness of my natural nail with Nailene False nails.... I took these photos last week. I was doing some experiments with glue and silk wraps etc......

I am wearing a freneken I made with Claire`s Magic and Billie White

1 post it note ( or sheets of paper.....I just had these handy )

4 post it notes

a penny RIM

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