Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Simple Gold Sponge Mani

The polish's I used for this look were Icing Manic Monday, Billie Gold, Icing no-name gold shimmer and ELF Golden Goddess. I sponged the Billie Gold metallic polish over my nails, then sponged on the no-name Icing polish over that and -extending past- the gold, then applied 1 coat of ELF Golden Goddess. I need another coat or two of Top Coat for ELF Golden Goddess..... it looks really lumpy plus the base on it is matte = but it dries fast for me so I am not complaining.

Icing Manic Monday - a dark, dark green

Billie Gold - thick metallic gold, very opaque & dries fast

un-named Icing polish - gold shimmer

The gold hearts did not hang on overnight..... many of them fell off. So today I removed what was still hanging on and sponged over my nails.

Polish's I used for this Mani
L-R Icing Manic Monday, Billie Gold, Icing no-name gold shimmer, ELF Golden Goddess

I sponged 3/4 of my nails with Billie Gold, and thick gold metallic polish.

* Sponged 3/4 of nail with Billie Gold
* Sponged on a sheer, shimmery gold polish, leaving a small area of the green base polish
* added 1 coat of ELF Golden Goddess
* Added Top Coat

and my Pot Of Gold St Patrick's Day from yesterday....... those little beads surprised me, I thought they would all fall off, but a surprising amount stayed on, even though I did alot of crafty things today.

Before                                                                                                 After

My nail is at different angels, so it looks like a totally different more rounded shape. I didn't think of doing a before/after till I loaded these photos. I think I would like these beads in clear, and pastel colours. Nail polish dissolves the finish on non NAIL ART micro-beads.

I set these into wet Top Coat but the colour still bled.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Pot of Gold St. Patrick's Day mani - its my first try♥

I used alot of polish's for this look, The colours are posted below. So far these lil' beads are holding on, even though I only set them into my wet top coat, the last mani i did with the hex glitter took forever to get off, so now I am -only- applying top cot over embellishments if I am going to wear my nail art for a few days.....

Below are gold 4 leaf clovers I made with heart shaped glitter pieces I found at the Dollar Store After applying top coat,  added a small dot of more Top Coat to stick these gold hearts to my nail. I will have to try painting clovers on my nails.... it is just 2 dots joined together with a V/point...... will have to do some painted on clovers in the future.

The base polish is Icing ( by Claire's ) Manic Monday, a dark green that was good to go in two coats. It dried very shiny on its own but is shown here with a coat of TC.
wtfudge----- where did that piece of fluff come from?

The colours of my rainbow are; Art Deco - Hot Pink, Claire's - Neon Burst, Sally Hansen XW - Mellow Yellow, Billie - Green Meadows, Sally Hansen XW - Blue me Away, China Glaze - Spontaneous

I used this tiny brush I purchased at The Dollar-Rama to apply the polish for my rainbow. I put a dot of each colour onto a piece of tin foil, it was very easy......

Here is how I made the pot of gold. I used a franken polish that is a dark mossy green... the shape of the cauldren is two oblong circles. I added a gold polish to the area where my micro beads would be placed,

Then using a stark white polish, I created a base for the rainbow - although this is not curved enough to be a real rainbow..... using the white as a base ensured that the polish's I chose would be much brighter then if layered over the dark green polish.

Then using my tiny Dollar-Rama brush I applied the rainbow colours

Then applied a top coat to the area I applied the gold polish to, and sprinkled on the gold micro-beads. I gently pressed them into the wet polish. I did not apply Top Coat to the micro-beads,

The 4 leaf clovers are gold glitter hearts I purchased at a dollar store in my town.... They are thick but they do stay on when set into wet polish, applying top coat over these does not ruin the gold shiny finish. I used silver and gold for the shamrock stems..... wish I just used a bright gold instead.

a golden 4 leaf clover?

And finally -  this is Icing Manic Monday, a dark green creme. All my dark green creme polish's dry fast and shiny. most are usually opaque in 2 coats ( Avon Olive Green = Best dark green creme polish ever!)

here is a quick comparison to some dark green polish's
L-R, Avon - Green Olive, Finger Paints Tough Art to Follow, NYC Flat Iron Green, Icing Manic Monday, Claire's Matte Green, shown clockwise below

below Left at 1 coat each, right 2 coats with Top Coat

.... and a photo of all the stuff I used for my Pot of Gold nail art

Thursday, March 17, 2011


 Claire's Evergreen, Icing Manic Monday sponged at the base and 2 coats of Sinful Call You Later w/1 coat of Nailene Top Coat. I think that is this best green glitter out there..... It has 2 different sizes of green glitter, along with gold micro-glitter = it is a good combination and very pretty.

 A sponge glitter gradient never fails me! I tried a few different things before I decided to go with a fail safe glitter gradient mani. My base was multiple coats of Claire's Evergreen. I brushed and sponged on Icing Manic Monday (dark green) at the base of my nail - like a ruffian manicure, then applied Sinful Call You Later over the area where the two polish's met.

Thankfully I was able to get some outdoor sunshine photos today ~ but seem to be experiencing technical difficulties with blogger, hopefully everything works out♥

w/ Claire's Evergreen

w/ Sinful Colors Call You Later

brushed on in ruffian shape - then sponged over, 1 coat of glitter, 2 coats of glitter



 Indoor Florescent

glitter particles are tough to get off my cuticles - even with an acetone clean up

this was my Irish Meadow mani from the other day.... I removed the design from my ring nail and then tried water marbling - FAIL!!!!! I have done some pretty marbling in the past, but this did not work, so then I tried a patchwork mani ( a la chloe nails) and that didn't work either. so I went  with the safe glitter gradient - looks good every time

.... and a 'syrup' mani fail. I know it is supposed to be a sheer polish that is used for a syrup/graduated manicure, but this is waaaaaaay too sheer. it is a pretty colour, but needs alot of coats to opacity. I will layer this over an opaque base polish.

.... and a much nicer picture of Claire's Evergreen - its very sheer

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Irish Meadow ~ a Dollface copy with Icing Bamboozled again

This is a copy of some gorgeous nail art that A Day in The Life of Doll-face posted a few days ago..... I did not do it exactly as she did, so I suppose this was inspired by her art.... It is very easy to do. I only did it on my ring nail as I wasn't sure that it would turn out as I had planned.

The base is 2 coats of Icing Bamboozled Again, a spritely lite green matte creme which dried as I was applying it. That is an excellent quality of most matte polish's - they dry very, very fast. I used Icing Stripe polish in dark green, then added craft hex glitter - which bled horribly- and a small lite green nail gem. HERE is the link to Doll-Face's post ~ St Patrick's Day Irish Meadow.  Top coat on my ring nail only.

I was surprised at how fine the lines were with this striping polish its a bit pricey for a mall store - but it is usually BOGO 1/2 off at Icing..... When I use it again I will take better photos - at the moment my camera battery is recharging; however I dot think I'll be doing all my nails like this = I kinda like the one accent nail as is.

Icing Bamboozled Again  ( 2 coats no TC pre clean-up )

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Blogs & St Patty's Day Sponge ( again )

Sponge Mani using Claire's Evergreen, Emerald City and Finger Paints Tough Art To Follow

Here is another quick sponge mani I have worn all weekend.... I desperately wanted to copy THIS rainbow nails mani that Polish Infatuated posted a few days ago, but my base was too dark and the colours I chose didn't show up...... Here is the Original post and tutorial=

More photos below, but first NEW BLOGS!














♥♥♥ Thank-you everyone for adding your blog ♥♥♥

For this mani, I started with 2 coats of Claire's Evergreen, then sponged on Claire's Emerald City diagonally across the center of my nails, then sponged on Finger Paints Tough Art to Follow diagonally across the tips of my nails, I went over this area twice with the sponging, and even filled in some sparse areas with polish straight from the brush to smooth out any lumpy/bumpy spots.

The base polish I used is visible in some areas, I half-*ssed this mani when I could not get the 'rainbow-sponge' to work out like I planned - it still looked cool though and I wore it all weekend♥

w/Claire's Evergreen

W/ Tough Art to Follow

@ 2coats of Claire's Evergreen, a snappy lite green foil

TAPE is your friend, otherwise ~ sponged polish all over your cuticles...

@ 1 coat of Tough Art To Follow sponged on then brushed on.... there are still some sparse areas.....