Friday, March 11, 2011

A Gentle S-curve Mani

3 coats of a franken  I made, with 1 coat of Avon Green Olive and Top Coat

Even though my curves are not perfect, I still like this look. Whenever I am at a loss for a cool manicure to do  - I usually end up with a simple diagonal mani, and this is a nice break from that. I cut mailing labels in the shape of an elongated ying yang that I call a Gentle S-curve manicure.

I am delighted that I can finally bend my Index finger and do stuff, so I have been doing crafty things - but have lost my creative NAIL ART MOJO, hopefully catching up on reading everyone's blog will get me inspired to whip up some cool looks for the next week.

Here is the post on it and others I made with the same 2 polish's

I apply these 'nail guides' I made then snip off the excess overhang and apply polish 
=  remove when dry and add top coat

with TC

hopefully no one will point out that there is a HUGE piece of fluff on my index nail, that is shaped like an inchworm.... jutting out of the polish♥

Also; Only 2  of these fake rhinestones from the dollar-rama fell off my pinky nail on my left hand in 32 hours.... that was surprising as I only set them into my wet top coat and did not apply any polish over them, as I usually do.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Leprechaun Chevron ( that rhymes )

My mani for today is 2 coats of Love My Nails Envy - a fabulous green chrome polish from the USA and Avon Green Olive 1 coat swiped on my nails in a chevron freehand.....I added an obscenely thick layer of Top Coat and set these fake Rhinestones from the Dollar-rama into the wet Top Coat. Applying Top Coat OVER these gems from the DollarRama will fog them up because they are plastic - there still cool though even if they get fogged over.

Chrome polish's such as this show every flaw on the nail. They tend to dry very fast, so I usually end up with serious brush strokes. They are extrememly reflective and noticeable. I was surprised with this polish, I thought it would suck but it's pretty awesome. Because they dry fast and cover well, they are good for 'underwear' = as a polish to layer over. On my list for my next USA visit is a few more of these inexpensive Love My Nails Chrome polish's - They are 2 bucks and can be found at Walmart.

@ 2 coats of Love My Nails Envy  no TC

My plastic gems from the Dollar Rama - These are not Rhinestones and will fog over if polish applied over them.... that still looks cool but I wanted some sparkle. Also; a piece of spaghetti - not cooked lol - is perfect to pick these up and place into wet polish - I lick the end of the spaghetti and then pick up the stones...

... and a few more photos

Monday, March 7, 2011

another simple St. Patty's Day Mani

Here is a quick diagonal mani, using a franken and Finger Paints Tough Art To Follow. No TC. I have whipped up many frankens using Claire's Yellow Brick Road, a bright yellow polish with small slivers of shimmer, and Claire's Matte Cobalt. I love the finish and whatever it is that these slivers of chimmer are made of, looks really cool.

Matte Cobalt & Yellow Brick Road

a skittles of Cliche Green, Hulk 1 and Hulk2 Three frankens I made using the above polish's

Finger Paints Tough Art To Follow dries very, very shiny. I did not add top coat as I am still contemplating what type of embellishment to add to this.

I thought of adding the green micro beads along the line, just like I did for my mani yesterday.

Here is the package of micro beads from the DollarRama ( Canada ) they have 3 different sets.... some clear ones and other pastel colours. they did bleed into my Top Coat, so I will have to add them after TC -

I started with three coats of my base franken-polish

Then applied Nailene Straight French Tip Guides

applied 2 coats of Finger Paints Tough Art To Follow

removed tip guides......


I keep forgetting about these nail gems..... these fog over is polish gets on them, so they also need to be set INTO wet polish,  even though they still look neat fogged over. They are plastic and not real crystal/rhinestone/glass or whatever they are supposed to be made of. I have an abundance of 3 different colours of green nail gems that I should be using.

...and one more

blogroll up-dates

 ♥ marbles ♥

whew - so here is what  I have added to my blog roll...... these are all links, hopefully they will all show up with a current post/photo.  I have found many of these through Nihrida's Blog HERE.

I miss Brook's N.B.O.T.B. Mondays, I always looked forward to seeing what types of new nail art and foreign polish's were out there on the interwebz - I think i will make a Sunday noght post like this a regular thing for those nail bloggers out there 

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and polish's I love that I can spend 3 hours reading nail blogs on any given day. 

Many of these blogs have been around for a while but new to me, some are new -

wow- that took a looooooooong time.....

Sunday, March 6, 2011

PLUG YOUR BLOG please & ...meh ~ some more St. patty's day nail art

EDIT: wow! there is alot I have missed out on! Thanks for adding your nail blog to my blog roll. Keep em coming!

please leave your nail blog link in the comments, I am parking my bunz in front of the computer tomorrow and updating my blog roll..... I have tried to keep up with adding new blogs to my blog roll but i find I am still missing some.

My last 2 mani's are just meh.... both had potential but I wasn't totally happy with them.

for today's mani
2 coats of franken polish Shamrock shake
2 coats of Finger Paints A Though Art To Follow
Billie Gold along the smile line
Confetti My Favorite Martian 1 coat layered over the tips

For today's mani, this is 2 coats of an older franken polish I made called Shamrock shake..... I was trying to copy the Clinique cosmetic company's signature colour but I did not quite get it. It is still a beautiful franken polish. Here is a photo from a previous mani.....

a sunshine photo!!!!!

....also, here is those cute little beads from the dollarrama, the colour did bleed when I applied TC over them, I will try to place them into wet polish as opposed to using a top coat sandwich to adhere them to my nails. I wanted to do all my nails with these cute beads but I opted for something more flashy. I wanted to see how long they would hang on and they lasted through the day, so I imagine they are like rhinestones or any other dimensional nail art pieces..... It did not take as long as I imagined to add these to my nails and I will likely try this again sometime soon.

......and I was wrong about my post yesterday, this was 2 coats of the Sinful Colors Call You Later glitter, here is a photo of it in the sun, just for fun.

Here is another nail art look I did, The base is Icing Sour Apple, a shimmery lite apple green with slight golden iridescence, I added  Sally Hansen XW in Emerald City to the tips of my nails in a reverse french curve - without the curved french tips guides - I just bought some regular french tip nail guides and misplaced them......

I added hexagon glitter in gold and green, following the curve of my nails. I love how this turned out but destroyed this mani before I could take quality pictures of it. I have so many of these hexagon craft glitters in different colours, they do go a long way in nail art. I adhered them with clear polish - which dried way to fast. i need to find a crappy slow drying clear nail polish for this type of thing.

It looked better IRL

anyhoo - back to today's mani. I started with 2 coats of a franken I made Shamrock shake, then added 2 coats of Finger Paints A Though Art To Follow which is a fabulous dark swampy green free hand across the tips of my nails. I traced the line with a gold foil polish from Billie but covered it up with Confetti My Favorite Martian. I didn't really like this mani but the confetti polish saved it.  I love that green glass flecked polish.

L - 2 coats of Finger Paints Tough Art To Follow - R - 1 coat

w/ Billie Gold & 1 coat of Confetti My Favorite Martian

before I added the Confetti MFM polish

Thursday, March 3, 2011

St. Patty's Day Manis

Sally Hansen - Green With Envy - 3 coats
Confetti - My Favorite Martian - sponged, then brushed onto the tips of my nails
Sinful Colors - Call You Later - 2 coat

Here is a super easy look, a base of Sally Hansen Green With Envy, a sponging of Confetti My Favorite Martian, and 2 coats of Sinful Colors Call You Later followed by a coat of TC. The 2 sinful Colors Glitter polish's I own are substantially glittery, but are not coarsely textured = so they do not need a million coats of top coat to smoothe them out. I wanted to use Sinful Colors All About You which is a gold/copper glitter but could not find it in my stash.

I have done pretty well for the first few days of march with the green themed mani's..... hopefully I don't get sick of it before St. Patty's Day.....

The artificial nails I am wearing are older dis-continued Fing'rs nails.... Trophy wife length.

w/ Confetti - My Favorite Martian

w/ Sinful Colors - Call You Later

w/ 2 coats of sponging Confetti My Favorite Martian

...... and another green St. Patty's theme mani

For this mani, I started with 3 thin coats of a pale pink polish from Wn'W, the added black on the diagonal with Nailene French Tip pen in black. When it was dry I added Sally Hansen Lime Lights, a sheer iridescent green polish and applied some loose glitter by tracing the line with clear polish and sprinkling the loose green glitter on my nail.  I sealed it all up with  Top Coat.

I kinda like lime lights over this light pink polish, I'll definitely try this layering combination again. It looks sorta what I imaging an Alien 's skin would be like..... clammy and iridescent green.

w/ 3 coats of WnW Mega Last Sugar Coat & Nailene French Tip Pen in Black

With 2 coats of Sally Hansen Lime Lights

....and with green loose glitter, its looks better IRL.....


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Avon Jade and Olive Green camo mani

For this mani, I applied blobs of polish straight from the brush randomly over my nails and swirled then around with a dotting tool. When it was dry I applied a coat of ELF Twinkle Twinkle over my nails. Instead of a shiny finish I opted for a matte top coat, which I think suits this much better.

ELF Twinkle Twinkle has a weird chunky formula, and not in the good way -  it's like hair gel.....and it dries matte with alot of textured brush strokes and grainy-ness. It dries fast and has a pretty glitter finish, so those odd characteristics are forgivable.

Avon Jade and Avon Green Olive are the only 2 modern Avon polish's I have. They are fabulously opaque creme finish's and dependable 2 coaters. These are the American versions, the formula is awesome and they dry fast and VERY shiny.

w/ Claire's Matte Top Coat

Products used -  Avon Olive Green, Avon Jade and ELF Twinkle Twinkle.

Below; this close-up is not flattering..... you can really see the weird grainy/texturized finish of ELF Twinkle Twinkle.... I think that it needs a nice shiny top coat to mask that, other than that the glitter in it is very pretty, it's sparse enough that it can be layered over another polish without eclipsing whatever it is being layered over.

For my thumbs, I applied a thick-ish stripe of polish to each side of my nails, and dragged a dotting tool in between the colours. This is called 'Day to Night' Technique, ( that's what I call it now ) which I fist saw on You Tube by You Tuber May Paris. When it was dry  I applied Nailene TC to this, but I think that I was a little heavy-handed with the green as it took alot longer to dry and I got bubbles!

I have tried this a few times and I still have not perfected it, I sometimes have some bare spots -  these are visible towards the base of my nail.

Below' Avon Green Olive & Avon Jade ( USA Versions )