Tuesday, September 14, 2010

♥ Sinful Colors See You Soon ♥

Sinful Colors See You Soon 2 coats with 1 coat of TC

This polish is a dark Blue, almost black with beautiful teal micro-shimmer. This is 2 coats with 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat. I enjoyed wearing this polish for a day before I topped it with NYC Love Letters HERE.

Shade with Flash

Shade with flash


Below are two photos I found while 'Google-ing' myself. I accidentally erased like 700 photos earlier this year from previous blog posts and I was desperatly looking for these photos.... So if anyone out there saved any to their computer..... I would love to get one back....

These are very fuzzy, but my nails still look so shiny. I guess I will have to do another look just like this. Pure Ice Busted, Pure Ice Oh Baby, Pure Ice Heartbreaker,... and Pure Ice Rio are very nice polish's that are very versatile. The look great on their own and layered over anything.

From Pure Ice Tips this post HERE

Pure Ice Busted and some Nailene Nail Stickers


L to R - San Francisco, Whats Your Name, Show Me The Way, Daddy's Girl, All About You

L to R - I Loev You, See You Soon, Call You Later, Rise And Shine, Mint Apple

So this is going to be my quick reference for all the Sinful polish's I currently own I am very slowly doing this for all my polish's. I will place it at the sidebar under neath my Canada Flag and Google translator. This is mostly for me, becuase I have a tonne of stuff on my blog and find it much easier to find posts/photos and what I wrote when I posted about it.

Overall I think this polish is fabulous, the formula and wear is normal, but mostly they have FABULOUS  colours and finishes..... there was a well-stocked display at the Walgreen store I visited in the USA, so I managed to get all the ones I lusted after. I purchased these for $1.50 USD each and they often go on sale for .99 cents ( Sally Hansen better step up their game, becuase I think that I would purchase and use 90% of the entire stock of Sinful Colors polish's)

 I am soooooooo sad to read that these are available in Canada at $5.99 CAD each. (ChG is $6.99 CAD, just for reference ) I think it would be more economical to order them online at Cherry Culture and pay the shippable. Other than that I am very happy with these polish's, even the sheer 'boring' shades have a serious WOW factor when layered over darker opaque colors

Above each set of photos is a link to the post with more photos and ramblings on each polish.

2 coats over SH Amber Chrome

4 thin coats

2 coats with TC

2 coats layered over Sinful San Fransisco

 3 coats no TC

2 coats layered over NYC China Town ( a rich opaque purple )

2 easy to apply and fast drying coats - dries matte and needs 2 coats of TC

Candy Apple

...... more to come

Sunday, September 12, 2010

♥ FINALLY A good use for SH Xtreme Wear Lime Lights ♥

Sally Hansen X-treme Wear in Lime Lights - 2 coats layered over Wet n' Wild Burgundy frost
 & 1 coat of TC

I knew this Sally Hansen polish would be sheer, but I was a little miffed at what to do with it. I t looks great over black, and blue, of course, but over this burgundy color from Wet n' Wild; it is soooo cool. I first saw a look like this on Friday Night; a beautiful sheer blue color layered over a reddish burgundy polish. HERE is what I'm talking about. I thought I should try out this Sally Hansen polish as I have had this for a long time and not worn it yet, (and I try to use polish's that are somewhat easily available.)

??? What do you do with your sheer polish's that may be "dud's" ???

I think it looks really cool, I am not sure what to compare it to. It looks brown, copper, burgundy, blu and green. I have a trillion photos added to this post and hope someone else trys it out and can write up a better description than moi.

I will add that I am sooooo happy nail blogs exist, ever since the very first time I found one - I have compiled so many neat ideas for future manicures, nail art ideas, and have seen and read so many great posts. ( and MUA, too ) My goodness, I will never run out of ideas! I think if I starting doing all these neat ideas, the polish combos and nail art, I would have nail looks for a lifetime!

So thanks to everyone who puts their ideas out there!


Indoor flo

Wet n' Wild Burgundy Frost 2 coats with 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat






Super Sun

Shade - a weird finger pose that does a good job of getting different views


NAKED Nails - a naked nails retrospective & Pure Ice Calypso

 Pure Ice Calypso - 3 coats with 2 coats of Nailene TC

 This is a very pretty shade - I love Pure Ice polish's, though they never seem to have many of the in/now shades when I visit Walmart in the USA. I knew it would be sheer, as I had read that it would be. It looks great at 3 fast drying coats. I though it would be brush-strokey but it wasn't .

Below; L-R 1 coat, 2 coats 3 coats   all with 1 coat of TC

Here is my naked nails retrospective, I take naked nail photos every once and a while for my personal archive. Some I post; some I just have in a naked nails folder.

Just as a recap - for people who haven't read about my thin strong and deadly nails; I wear artificial nails becuase my nails are thin and sharp - I have taken some serious scratches, as well as accidentally given other people some gouges from my real nails.  I have some horror stories and gory photos but I won't post them for now. 

I keep these covered with Nailene Active Square Artificial nails, or a longer length Fing'rs brand of artificial nail which are discontinued but can be found in some discount stores in the USA ( I refer to these as 'Trophy wife' length nails ) . It is very rare that I am not wearing artificial nails. I have had acrylics put on at the salon, but found when I 'broke' them or they ripped off it friggen hurt waaaaaay more and did way more damage then store bought artificial nails.

 It is also very easy for me to remove these artificial nails with acetone or the water soak off method. I have never hurt my nails more then when I ripped off a salon gel nail (except when a screw bit from my electric drill went through my nail bed.....  but i had naked nails then). I am a clumsy girl I guess.

Anyhoo- I am an artificial nail lover, and probably will wear these 4 life. I love how fast polish applies and DRY'S and I find them easy to apply and easy to remove. I am always answering questions about these nails from emails, and I DO like to hear about problems associated with them as well, so please feel free to contact me either in the comments or through email (deez10nailz@gmail.com)

Just a PSA: I can polish then use polish remover up to 7 times ( or more) with these artificial nails. Even using an acetone free polish remover or a gentle polish remover polish remover and an acetone clean up will weaken all artificial nails.


In all of my naked nails photos I am wearing clear polish or Nailene TC

So here we are on Thursday.......

 September 9th, 2010

September 9th, 2010

in the Shade - check it... they are see-thru

thin, sharp and lethal..................

.... and a whole whack of naked nail photos from yesteryear

Nail injury aftermath - End of July 2010


May 22/10
May 22/10

January 16th  2010
My seldom seen right hand nails = January 16th  2010
{ Staining from WnW Crystallic Royal red }

Saturday November 7th/09
Saturday November 7th/09

Saturday November 7th/09

 I feel vulnerable and exposed.... I am going to play with my glitter now

Saturday, September 11, 2010

♥ Wet n' Wild Disturbia and Avon Jade ♥

Wet n' Wild Mega-last Disturbia - 3 coats with 1 coat Nailene TC

This polish needs good lighting to really show off the beautiful purple color and subtle shimmer. In the shade and in dim lighting it is very, very dark. I loved the formula on this one and love this shade of purple.  I found the brush handle to be a little too thick and small and so I accidentally dropped it -  Dang! 

Both of these mani's are just plain mani's no nail art and nothing exciting. I do love the formula on those Avons - WOW they were both very richly opaque and easy to apply.

At the moment I am copying a fabulous layering manicure I saw last night that I had to copy as soon as I could Check it out HERE - It is soooooo pretty! WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT? I will get photos up with the polish's I used  Wet n Wild Burgundy Frost and Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Lime Lights ( seriously there should be some type of awards system for people who come up with these types of beautiful and inventive layering looks! )

I hope mine turns out just as pretty as theirs! Anyhoo - here is a bunch of photos♥

..... and Avon Jade. This is the American version..... I am not sure what the other version looks like but I read that this color, Avon Jade as well as Avon Green Olive are different in the USA than other parts of the world. I bought mine in a shopping mall in the USA so I have never seen the 'other' version. Has anyone done a comparison of them

This was 2 coats of Avon Jade and 1 coat of  Nailene TC. I love the formula on this but wish the brush handle was not square ( okay...... its actually a rectangle.... but whatever i still don't like it. )


Shade with Flash