Monday, August 2, 2010

♥ NYC Skittles - west Village *NEW* Pier 17 and Skin Tight Denim ♥

L to R - NYC West Village, NYC Pier 17, NYC Skin Tight Denim, NYC Pier 17

West Village and Skin Tight Denim are 2 coats with 1 coat of T.C.
Pier 17 is 3 coats with 1 coat of T.C.

Here is a quick skittles I did using 3 of N.Y.C.'s rich beautiful blue polish's that are currently available in North America. The new NYC polish Pier 17 is the lightest of the bunch. This is 3 coats on my thumb, middle and pinky finger. It applied perfectly and dried just like all NYC polish's = fast. It is a bright glowey blue. I love love love it!
I have modeled West Village and Skin Tight Denim ... (this is HOT too! ) before. I have been very happy with NYC polish's and plan to own each one... even the boring bland colours. They apply well and dry fast. They are available in Canada at walmart, Superstore ( Loblaws. Fortinos.... whatever it's called in your Provence ) and other department stores ( not shoppers drug mart and other drug stores though... for some bizarre reason ). They are priced at $1.87 at walmart and vary in price at different stores. They are only 9.9 ml.... which is a big difference with most other polish brands being 12 to 15 ml.

most of my photos are under cloudy skies.....I am doing a full mani with NYC Pier 17 - but wanted to get swatches up with comparisons as soon as I could.

 L to R West Village, Pier 17, Skin Tight Denim

 L to R West Village, Pier 17, Skin Tight Denim

 L to R West Village, Pier 17, Skin Tight Denim

NO Top Coat!!!! Clock wise - Pier 17, west Village, Pier 17, Skin Tight Denim, Pier 17

with top coat & Flash = Clock wise - Pier 17, West Village, Pier 17, Skin Tight Denim, Pier 17

also; I'm not sure if I ever posted these. I found these at one of my favorite stores which has since closed down. I am not sure how old these are But I think they are awesome! Those are water decals and those artificial nails are sooooo curved!.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

♥ N.Y.C. Spring Street ♥

NYC Spring Street - 3 coats-1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat.

Wow is this bright! it didn't totally fudge up my camera and photos like some other bright intense orange polish's I have. This is 3 coats with 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat. Most of my photos are indoors under fluorescent lighting, taking photos outside in the sun or even using flash were pointless because the colour changed dramatically...... and I will definitly need to do some comparisons with this polish.

It is a bright Koi Orange creme, not sure if I should call it a fluorescent or neon, but it is very, very bright. It is not apparent in the photos, but there is some sheer spots; this polish is not a jelly or sheer, but seems a little watery and could be more pigmented.

I am super duper surprised I haven't seen this on MUA or the blogs...... the new N.Y.C.'s are all really pretty.

Indoor fluorescent with China Glaze For Audrey

SUNSHINE after a run in with a glue gun and crafty paint

weird Indoor fluorescent

Indoor flourescent

Friday, July 30, 2010

♥ N.Y.C. - Flat Iron Green ♥

3 coats NYC Flat Iron Green - 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat

Without the sun or strong lighting, this looks almost black, but it does have a nice swampy green cast to it. I had hoped it would be a smidgen more green, but I still think it's a nice colour. I missed the sunshine, but I still took a bunch of bottle shot photos....... has anyone else spotted these NEW N.Y.C.'s in stores? I think there is like 10 new ones.........

Next up Spring Street, a ridiculous 'Koi' type of orange.



NYC Prince Street, Spring Street, Flat Iron Green, Pier 17

Prince Street

Spring Street

Pier 17

Thursday, July 29, 2010

♥ ... NEW N.Y.C. polish's & Wet n' Wild & other goodies

Dang that orange is Bright!

These are 4 of the new NYC in a NEW YORK COLOR MINUTE polish's that I recently found at Walmart. There are quite a few new ones, lot of the ones I did not buy are purple, mauve and pink colours. None of these polish colours are up on their website, and I cannot find any info about them...... I will definitely do a skittle & mani when the sun rises.....

These polish's are between $1.87 to $2.99 in my town at different stores. There is only 9.9 ml in the bottle, where Wet n Wild or Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear is 12 to 14 ml for $1.57 to $2.99.

The rest of my post is some new Wet n' Wilds I picked up... The Wild Shine Polish 'Black Creme' is an amazing black~ the most pigmented and opaque black I have come across. I found those mini polish's from Dollarama = I thought they would not stock them ever again. The brush is a little stiff but they are perfect for my franken polish! .........And thats my 10th box of false nails that I use for swatching my polish collection......10!

From Left to Right;

Pier 17 - a shimmery blue, (lighter than Skin Tight Denim)
Spring Street - a ridiculously bright Koi Orange
Flat Iron Green - a weird swampy green with speckles in it
Prince Street - a lovely purple that is a close match to a  mani I recently wore; Ardene Rockin Purple, just with out the shimmer.

L to R - NYC old skool black, Ardene Rockin Purple, NYC Prince Street, NYC Spring Street, NYC Flat Iron Green, NYC Pier 17 = all 2 coats no TC

Left 2 coats of Ardene Rockin Purple = = = Right 2 coats of NYC Prince Street ( no TC )

Left - 2 coats of NYC Pier 17 = = = Right 2 coats of NYC Skin Tight Denim ( no TC )

Worst. Black. Ever. Even worse than S.A. HAN 'Black Night'..... who the 'F' wants a sheer jelly black? This will be good for some black jelly based glitter frankens in the near future. This had no name..... possible part of a Halloween collection from a long time ago

I totally thought they would never stock these again, these are water based polish's that I rinse out and POP THE BRUSH OUT OF THE CAP and wash the brush with WATER and a small amount of soap. Then I swish a small amount of acetone in JUST the bottle and let them dry overnight.

= Viola; empty franken bottles......

More false nails from the Dollarrama for my swatching things

Wet n' Wild Shine Caribbean Frost, Bijou Blue, Burgundy Frost

Wet n' Wild Wild Shine in Lavender Creme and Black Creme

 I already posted this photo = this is a reminder to me to add it to my side bar

Monday, July 26, 2010

♥ Ardene Rock'in Purple'♥

4 coats of Ardene Rock'in Purple and 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat

This polish from Ardene needed 4 coats, it dried fast and it dried shiny! This is 4 coats with 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat. I was hoping that there would be some hidden micro shimmer in this polish but it is just a plain medium purple shimmer. I love this shade and I love the shimmer.

I will definitely layer this polish next time -  even though I didn't feel like it was a big deal to do 4 coats. The shimmery-ness of this polish was a surprise and I didn't expect to like it so much. I wore this for 3 1/2 days!

{ Ardene is a Canadian girly store with accessories jewelery, and make-up/nail polish }


Ardene Rock'in Purple

Does anyone else remember these, below? they came in a 3 pack and each individual glue had it's own nozzle that you twisted on to open the glue.... they were very handy to have around, and if I recall they were a great glue and a good price, too!

I found it in an old, oooooold suitcase this weekend. I would put the individual glue and its nozzle into a sealed container to cart around with me. I packed it for a trip and I guess I forgot to take it out when I returned home..... I forgot all about these cute little mini-glues. Now I just put my opened glue ( Nailene glue, that is ) into a tiny zip lock bag and tote that around with me.... just in case. My pinky nail did pop off at a family BBQ this weekend and everyone was searching around for it..... I found it 3 hrs later -  turns out it was stuck in top of my sandal ! That - was funny♥

Here are a few more photos- its amazing how different this polish looks in different kinds of lighting. As you can see by the small polish smear on the cap below, I still have a hard time with these thicker knobby caps.... Ill never stop complaining about it - becuase even though these drive me nutz I keep buying them.

Shade with Flash


Indoor Fluorescent



Saturday, July 24, 2010

Naturistic's Ruby Reflection & an older mani i never posted

Naturistic's Super Chrome in Ruby Reflection 2 coats -  NO Top Coat

Whew - my week slipped away on me and I am behind in my posts- Here a few older mani's I did not post for whatever reason. Does anyone else in Canada find 'Indulge in Beauty' polish's at their Walmart in their towns? For the price of $2.83 CAD, there are some pretty polish's, but I would avoid the glass flecky ones becuase they did not dry fast enough for me.

Here is the PAGE with Bottle shots of those cute mini polish's - I will be converting those PAGES to posts soon so people can comment, as requested.

♥♥♥ Have a great weekend ♥♥♥

I think I planned to do a look with this vibrant pink chrome polish, but ended up taking it off before I got to it. This is a gorgeous pink polish...... it dried ridiculously fast! The brush on these is a little sparse, but workable. There is not alot of swatches of these Naturistic's Super Chrome's, many of them a dead on dupes for the old Sally Hansen Chrome polish's, they are made at the same place.

Further in the post is a very pretty shimmery gunmetal polish from Indulge in Beauty, the Walmart Mini's. I didn't get any outdoor sunshine photos of that one, but a few months ago the Winner's store ( T.J. Maxx ) had Nubar cuticle oil, as well as a whole shelf of the China Glaze Wizard of ooh Oz collection


Shade with Flash


Indulge in Beauty Gunmetal from the Desert Diva Trio ( from Walmart Canada )

I think I didn't post this because my nails were growing out, there is quite a bit of space between my false nail and the new growth my my natural nail. There is quite a difference between this photo and the photo above ( Ruby Reflection mani ). This close up photo really shows the amount of growth and I have to add that when my nails end up like this they are super easy to paint with very little cleanup ♥.

Nubar @ Winner's-  I didn't buy anything = it's neat to see different brands showing up in stores.

Does anyone else in Canada find these mini Indulge in Beauty polish's at their local Walmart?

Indoor fluorescent - 3 thin coats with 2 coats of T.C.